Cinco de Miler Race Recap

Feliz Cinco de Mayo, guys! For a holiday that really has very little to do with America at all, we’ve seemed to embrace it as a country. I’m not going to argue, […]

The Final Countdown: How to Prepare for Your Upcoming Race

I will use any reason to include a Beyonce music video in a blog post/ With race season upon us, some of you may already be preparing to run in […]

Pounding the Pavement: Taking a Look at Hanson Brothers’ Half-Marathon Training Plan

My upcoming months in a nutshell: running and Chicago. So apparently sometime in the past few weeks I blacked out and decided it was a good idea to run two […]

The Spring Race Roundup: Bunnies, Leprechauns, and Football Players, Oh My!

I don’t care what the thermometer outside says, it’s March and that means it’s officially springtime. It’s been a long (LONG) winter of being cooped up indoors, but with the […]


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