#TrainersConnect 6/9: COVID Series – Legal Counsel

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March blindsided us, April was a mixed bag of trial and error, and in May we began to find a new routine. But what comes next?

As trainers, we have experienced an array of pivots, changes, feedback, behavior adaptation, and uncertainty along with hope. We know our trainer community is strong, and as we move through the rest of 2020, we want to be able to provide you with suggestions from your peers, advice from industry experts and tools to set you up for your own success, whatever that might look like right now.

On June 9th, we are partnering with the legal team at SmithAmundsen LLC to create a workshop to talk through all of the hard stuff so we can come together strong as trainers and plan for successful next moves.

We would love to hear from you on what specific questions you have right now!

Based on trainers’ rave reviews from the January #TrainersConnect Workshop, we’re bringing back legal counsel from SmithAmundsen to give you ALL the info you could possibly need to know. You’ll have the ear of some of the best legal counsel in Chicago to ask your burning questions about post-pandemic safety, how to protect your business and your clients in the new world, what financial impact you might be dealing with, and what you can anticipate as social distancing restrictions begin to lift.

The Discussion will focus on:

  1. Business Management: Unemployment benefits, loan options, financial impact
  2. Technology: Music licensing, waivers on technology platform
  3. Social distancing restrictions lifting in Chicago: What that could look like for studios/trainers, safety precautions, best practices for protecting your business and your clients

You will have the chance to ask questions and hear from two partners from SmithAmundsen LLC. Max Goodman represents clients in the health, wellness, and fitness industry where he partners with business owners to deliver informed advice and counsel concerning business and legal needs. He handles matters related to complex breach of contract, unjust enrichment, fraud, tortious interference claims, defamation, and false light claims defending free speech. Max also defends various restaurant and hospitality groups in claims concerning the Dram Shop Act, negligence, and intentional torts.

Max will be accompanied by Beverly Alfon, who supports employers on a full range of labor and employment issues. She provides daily advice and counsel on matters arising out of federal, state, and local laws that govern the employment relationship (e.g., Title VII, wage and hour, medical leave, Americans with Disabilities Act, etc.). She works closely with clients to develop work policies that protect and promote their goals, prevent and manage discrimination/harassment matters, and negotiate non-compete and severance agreements. Beverly also advocates for clients in matters pending before state and federal courts, labor arbitrators, the National Labor Relations Board, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and IL Dept. of Human Rights.

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#TrainersConnect Workshops are free for all attendees. We’ll host the event in a private Zoom room. If you don’t have Zoom, you can download it here!

Details for #TrainersConnect

  • What: A virtual (free!) #TrainersConnect COVID Series
  • When: Tuesday, June 9, 2 pm Central
  • Where: Zoom link is provided in the confirmation email and you’ll get a reminder email send out on Monday, June 8th.
  • What you need: Any questions that you might!
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