#sweatworkingweek january 2019

Twice a year, we put our heads together to create a schedule that entices Chicagoans to try new things and meet new people, all while working out across the city. Each time we host #SweatworkingWeek, it changes, it evolves. This – the sixth edition – is no different. January 14-19, you’ll experience a true celebration of Chicago’s culture through the lens of sweat.

This time around, we worked with some gems within the city – museums, attractions, monuments, and, yes, studios – to create a schedule that will make it easy to try new things and meet new people. And each workout will have a special reminder of why we live here and what’s here to to explore.

Plus, we’ll have our friends at Michelob ULTRA on hand throughout the week to infuse your post-workout with bursts of joy (which just so happen to come in little cups of perfectly mixed beer-mosas and other celebratory drinks). Their refreshing light beer enhances the experience of making friends and learning new things; plus, it makes those post-workout endorphins that much more worth it.


The schedule!

Mon. Jan. 14 Tues. Jan 15 Wed. Jan. 16 Thurs.

Jan. 17

Fri. Jan. 18 Sat. Jan. 19 – FIT FEST
Morning (Exciting details to come) 6 am, 7:15 am: Yoga at The Space Between 7 am: Breakfast and Learn at evolveHer 6 am, 7:10 am: RUNAWAY (Exciting details to come) 9:15 am: Low Down Brass Band + Yoga with Jenny Finkel
Afternoon Lunch and Learn at TechNexus 2-4 pm: #TrainersConnect at RUNAWAY with West Town Physical Therapy 12 pm: Lunch and Learn with World of Whirlpool 10:30 am: (Exciting details to come)
Evening 7 pm: Chicago Primal Gym (Exciting details to come) 6 pm: OYM West Town 5:30 pm and 6:40 pm: RUNAWAY 6 pm: SHRED415 and Improv at iO 11:50 am: (Exciting details to come)

Noon: Lunch and Learn at TechNexus – Fitness is for everyone: Perspectives in Equity

At aSweatLife, we believe that wellness is for everyone and that wellness should be WELCOMING for everyone. And so, we think inclusion is a behavior that we can learn from each other in a lot of ways – from making new friends as adults to teaching people, and from leaving our neighborhoods to showcasing the wellness brands that are doing INTERESTING things.

On this panel, we’ll talk about statistics re: where most studios are vs. where communities need wellness the most. We’ll talk about race/gender/affluence. We’ll talk about actionable solutions on the macro level vs. on the micro level.

By the end of the panel, you’ll have a conversation about

  • How do I act more inclusively in a fitness environment every day?
  • How do I try new things and meet new people more frequently?
  • How can gyms/studio owners create businesses in places where they’re NEEDED and wanted?

Who’s on the panel:

  • Caullen Hudson, Founder, SoapBox
  • Ashley Rockwood, Founder, Free MVMT
  • Alison Rootberg, Founder, Wellness4Every1
  • Tanya Lozano, Founder, Healthy Hood

This panel will be moderated by Nikki Desai from aSweatLife’s team.

How much does it cost: it will be TOTALLY FREE thanks to sponsorship from CLIF Bar.

7 pm: Primal Strength at Chicago Primal Gym

Take on feats on monumental strength! CPG’s signature Primal Strength classes focus on lifting heavy things and developing full-body stability and power. This 60-minute combo class includes a thorough joint-mobility warm-up, hands-on skill development, and an expert blend of kettlebell strength exercises. Don’t let the name fool you, this class still delivers plenty of endurance to ensure maximum fat-burning, muscle-building results. You’ll also hone two keystone exercises: the swing and the getup. CPG will show you the exact technique to maximize safety AND results in our training program. You’ll be exposed to a variety of mobility and core exercises to build a strong foundation. The goal is for you to feel totally confident before advancing to Primal Strength and KB Flow classes!

6 am and 7:15 am: Yoga at The Space Between

In their signature Alive class, you’ll experience a candlelit, vinyasa-inspired flow set to an expertly crafted playlist, turned up loud to help you feel all the feels. Expect strong poses, long holds, and thoughtfully slow transitions. Each class will include intentional breathwork and soulful guidance to help you go beyond the mind and come alive within. Alive is designed to awaken your soul while also challenging your body. Class is heated to a warm 80-85 degrees unless noted in the schedule.

7 am: Breakfast-and-Learn at evolveHer

At this special #SweatworkingWeek breakfast-and-learn, we’ll teach you how to start your day off on the right foot: by creating a morning routine that’s infused with optimism. We’ll share the power of a morning routine and how you can practice optimism as a tool to fight against stress, bad news, and tough times. We’ll put it all together by breaking down the morning routines of team aSweatLife and leading a fun mix-and-match activity to help you have the best morning ever. This inspirational morning will take place at evolveHer, and we’ll fill your bellies with nutritious breakfasts and coffee to power your day.

6 pm: OYM West Town

Known for its diverse training philosophy, focusing on athletic performance, lifestyle, and personal training, On Your Mark Coaching + Training opened its newest gorgeous training on the West Loop This class will be an OYM mash-up; Kickboxing, performance and strength (20 minutes of each).

Full Day Takeover with RUNAWAY Fitness

On Thursday, you’ll see a takeover from RUNAWAY Fitness, the new entrant to the Chicago Fitness scene that will fuse all of the things you’ll see throughout the week: art, music, and – of course – sweat. You’ll be able to try out this new studio built for you, runners. And remember, whether you’re considering running your first mile or you’ve run an ultramarathon, YOU are a runner.

6 am and 7:10 am: You’ll get a taste of this brand new gym and its proprietary training style, AMP (Adaptive Musculoskeletal Periodization), created to help you reach running goals while still being able to mix and match your classes.

2 pm-4 pm, #TrainersConnect: For this mid-day break, trainers will take over RUNAWAY for our monthly trainer-focused event, #TrainersConnect. Not only will trainers get to try this new gym’s proprietary training style AMP, they’ll also get their own workshop! Erin Conroy, Doctor of Physical Therapy and owner of West Town PT will be on-site with injury prevention tips and tricks and to answer any questions you might have.

5:30 pm and 6:40 pm: You’ll get a taste of this brand new gym and its proprietary training style AMP, (Adaptive Musculoskeletal Periodization), created to help you reach running goals while still being able to mix and match your classes.

12 pm: Lunch and Learn with World of Whirlpool and Chef Alia Dalal

Join us at the iconic building on the Chicago river where the World of Whirlpool makes its home for sharing its vast stores of knowledge. You can expect to learn life hacks for cooking quickly and eating healthier. You’ll also eat delicious food from the World of Whirlpool’s Culinary team including the beloved Chef Alia Dalal (plant-based options will be available, and please let us know any dietary restrictions in advance!).

6 pm: SHRED415 and Improv at iO

Join us at the house that creativity built – The iO Theater. We’ll take on a workout with SHRED415, followed by a totally approachable improv workshop. No experience is necessary for either.

From SHRED415, you’ll take on a workout that fuses their studio style with movements you can do anywhere. We’ll use resistance bands to amp it up and you can count on music from the DJ Firm to make it even better.

From The iO Theater, you can expect an improv workshop that pushes you just comfortably outside of your comfort zone. This will be approachable for beginners, but fun for anyone who has taken an class in the past and wants to expose a friend to it!

On the final day of #SweatworkingWeek, we’ll finish with a fitness fest of epic proportions.

While this festival is sure to be FIRE, we’ll  be trickling this announcement out little by little. One thing you need to know is that our final destination of the week is a landmark that has had a lot of big names pass through it throughout Chicago’s storied history. We’re taking out Thalia Hall for a fitness festival to wrap up the week.

Thalia Hall is a historic landmark located in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. It was founded by John Dusek at the turn of the century as a neighborhood establishment. Dusek was a family man, a tavern owner, and a facilitator of the arts. He was a visionary, and the founding father of Thalia Hall.  His hope for the corner of 18th & Allport was to build a public hall for the community. In 1892 his dream became reality: a multi-purpose property that would offer commercial storefronts, residential housing, and a hall for the community.

The hall was deemed a historical landmark in 1989 and today you can find comedy shows, The Pilsen Yoga Tribe, concerts, weddings and so much more in the great hall. Within the same walls, top-rated restaurants like Dusek’s, Tack Room and Punch House all call it home.

9:15 am: Yoga with Jenny Finkel + The Lowdown Brass band

We’ll kick off the day with an upbeat yoga flow paired up with a band that has roots in Chicago and wings in fun – the Lowdown Brass Band (which you should book for your parties, events and honestly, your Friday nights). You’ll be led by Jenny Finkel, one of the most upbeat (and hilarious) yogis we know; she’ll bring her sense of whimsy and rhythm to a flow like you’ve never done before. Don’t know how yoga fits with an eight-piece band? Guess you’ll have to be there to see it happen.

… more to come for the rest of the day’s schedule soon, stay tuned!