This guide will help you to find a little peace and quiet in your everyday life. It’s heavy on sleep, bath and mindfulness this year.

Dryft Sleep Mouth Tape - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Dryft Sleep Mouth Tape

Sleeping used to be so simple. But then lights, sounds, pandemics, screens – you know, modern life. This is a great gift for the loved one who is just trying to get some zzzs and maybe a tiny bit into bio-hacking.

Wavvy - Lucious Lavender and Milk Bath Soak - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Wavvy - Lucious Lavender and Milk Bath Soak

Created by two sisters, Wavvy is the perfect gift to get a sister (or a friend who is like a sister). These organic bath soaks will make your bath even better. And this pink lavender soak gets some extra oomph with geranium and chamomile essential oils.

WeNatal Family Planning Journal - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

WeNatal Family Planning Journal

This journal is built for those who are trying to conceive. Show your friend you’re there for them through the process with this little space to put their thoughts feelings and emotions (and maybe ask them how else they want you to show up for them).

Manta Sleep - Silk Mask - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Manta Sleep - Silk Mask

Sleep is a theme for this gifting season for us, potentially because the world’s sleep has been affected by the pandemic. The manta sleep mask is an incredible gift for the person on your list who travels or simply has a night owl partner with unpredictable light-switch habits. The silk of the mask will keep your skin smooth.

Happy Dance CBD - Feel Great Bundle - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Happy Dance CBD - Feel Great Bundle

The feel great bundle from Happy Dance infuses CBD into a few key self-care products like bath bombs and body butters. This gift belongs on a night stand – and it’s also great for Kristen Bell super-fans – she’s the co-founder.

Anima Mundi - Protection Ritual - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Anima Mundi - Protection Ritual

For the person who just moved into a new home, this little ritual set features ethically wild-harvested Palo santo. If the recipient is new to cleansing spaces and practical magic, include a little how-to.

Cuccio Somatology - Yogahhh Milk Bath - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Cuccio Somatology - Yogahhh Milk Bath

For the yogi that’s always a little sore. Yogahhh Milk Bath is a soak ritual that helps to relax, balance and nurture your body. It leaves your skin feeling softer, smoother and more radiant looking. This unique hydrating formula combines the natural benefits of epsom salts, milk and greek mastiha for the ultimate soak experience.

Daughter of The Land - Single Serve Moon Mylk Bath Soak - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Daughter of The Land - Single Serve Moon Mylk Bath Soak

Gift this luxurious, milky soak with notes of sandalwood and lavender. This soak includes a skin soothing blend of colloidial oats + epsom salt, making it something you can gift to someone with eczema.

Hug sleep - Hooded Sleep Pod - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Hug sleep - Hooded Sleep Pod

This swaddler is made for adults. Based on the science of Deep Touch Pressure Therapy, Sleep Pod’s unique design provides a gentle, calming pressure around the entire body— providing comfort and inducing relaxation.

Calm Subscription - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Calm Subscription

You can gift a year of calm to help a friend find more time for mindfulness – and just in case they’re having trouble sleeping, they can also use the sleep stories to ease them back to sleep.

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