#GymSpotting: Share Your Favorite Places to Sweat!

Tell us about the studios, gyms and experiences you’re trying in your home city and when you’re on the road by submitting to the form below. We’ll feature as many reviews as we can on aSweatLife.com.

When we started aSweatLife five years ago, it started with a simple push and a simple idea. We wanted more from our fitness routines. We wanted to try new things and share the workouts that we loved. We stuck with sharing the things that we loved because we believed that enables us to give people inspiration to take an action after reading our posts. As we’ve grown into a bigger team, that’s been our driving force.

From our inception, studio fitness was exploding, changing at the hands of innovators across the country. Through the years, we’ve gotten tips, learned about new studios and have been cued into trends with your help.

So, we want to make these tips that you’re already sharing with us a little more formal – and give you a chance to be featured on aSweatLife.com through our newest feature, #GymSpotting.


When you spot someone at the gym, you’re there for them, to help them with their workout. The same applies here, but at a broader scale. You’re steering people to do the things you’ve tried and love.