Is This Normal? 5 Common Changes to Expect During Quarantine

Changes in body composition, eating habits and even creativity – it’s all a normal part of quarantine.

5 Spring Meal Prep Tips

Because meal prepping has seasons, too.

What’s the Difference Between Alternative Medicine, Functional Medicine and Holistic Medicine?

Curious to explore health paths beyond Western medicine? Here’s what to know about alternative medicine, functional medicine, and holistic medicine.

How to Create a Desk-Side Pantry Perfect for the Office

Forget your lunch at home and don’t feel like running out for something to eat? Meet “the desk-side pantry.”

Common Ailments You Can Treat With an Herbal First Aid Kit

Bruises, bug bites, bumps? There’s an herbal remedy for that.

Why You Should Embrace Being Bored

AKA the one time we want you to feel bored on our website.

7 Ayurvedic Treatments to Try for Holistic Health

All about Ayurveda? Then you need to try these seven Ayurvedic treatments for holistic health.

Shoulder Flossing: What It Is and Why You Should Do It

You floss your teeth, but did you know you should also floss your shoulders?

Why You Should Spend Time in Nature (Even If It’s Cold Outside)

Baby, it’s cold outside, but it’s still a good idea to get outside. Here’s why.

Your Guide to Pili Nuts

Here’s a new nut you’ll go nuts about.

Managing Your Social Life During Dry January

How to navigate Dry January from those who have done it.

How to Make a Vision Board for the Year

Manifest the life of your dreams with this one simple tool.


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