How Ordering Cookies From this Online Bakery Can Support Your Hormones

Craving chocolate during that time of the month? There is a cookie for that.

Feeling your chronic fatigue creeping in? There is a brownie for that.

In fact, there is a baked good for all of your hormonal needs. Moon Cycle Bakery (MCB) is a baked goods delivery service that is the first of its kind as it is tailored to women, ranging from the hormonal teenager to the breastfeeding mother to the thirty-something with an autoimmune disorder.

Moon Cycle Bakery creates baked goods with high quality ingredients aimed at assisting women’s hormonal needs. Not sure where to start? Here’s three of their most-used ingredients and how each ingredient (and treat) helps your hormones.

Cacao: High in magnesium

One of the staple ingredients in MCB recipes is cacao. Cacao is high in magnesium, which is something women lose during their cycle. So when a woman says she is craving chocolate during her period, it could be her body’s way of communicating that it is in need of magnesium.

Replenishing magnesium can help with symptoms such as headaches, bloating, low blood sugar, constipation, sugar cravings, and fluid retention according to Dr. Axe. MCB has several recipes with cacao, including their peppermint chocolate cup sweetened with maple syrup, sweet potato brownie with chocolate chunks and their chocolate cups with gluten free pretzels.


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Honey: Helpful with pain relief

Honey is another staple in many of their baked goods. Devon Loftus, owner of Moon Cycle Bakery, explains honey’s importance as an ingredient: “It is good for the soul and body and can lead to the same amount of pain relief as an NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, e.g. Advil).”

Loftus continues, “Studies show in the first three days of menstruation, honey and the NSAID led to the same amount of pain relief in women with pain during menstruation. It is suggested to be used for pain relief due to its lower side effects and pharmacological complications.” Honey is present in MCB’s chocolate cups that are sweetened with honey and ginger.


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Tumeric: All-around healing and detoxing

Another favorite baked good by MCB is the Golden Mylk Cookie, which is mainly comprised of turmeric. The prominent active compound in turmeric is called curcumin, which supports the body’s natural healing process by decreasing free radical damage and increasing glutathione production (necessary for detoxification). According to many nutrition experts, including this study, consuming turmeric and supporting optimal liver function may aid in detoxing excess hormones, leading toward hormone balance and a happy, healthy period.

Thinking about trying these treats yourself? MCB makes ordering your treats simple and convenient as their website allows you to create a profile to select preferences, including what flavors you love and hate, any allergies, and even information about your cycle so MCB can calculate the next shipping date based on your period. And I’m not going to lie, I have tried almost every item on their menu and they do not disappoint!

Next time you feeling those period cramps coming on, head over to Moon Cycle Bakery for some tasty relief!


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