Unlock the vibrant power of a nationwide community brimming with fitness enthusiasts, lifelong friends, and boundless fun.

We only ask two things of aSweatLife Ambassadors: that you’re down to make friends, and that you are open to trying new things. Outside of that, our Ambassadors are totally unique – and that’s what makes this community so, so special. They’re from different places, they have different career paths, they’re different ages, they love who they love, and they choose to move their bodies in all sorts of different ways.

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Here's what you'll get

  • Experience our signature 'Studio of the Month' Program, granting you exclusive, complimentary or discounted access to a diverse array of top-notch studios, gyms and wellness service providers every month.
  • Complimentary and discounted fitness and wellness experiences that will invigorate your mind and body.
  • Access to exclusive discounts and curated packages delivered directly from the most sought-after wellness brands.
  • Lively events and interactive workshops that promise to add a spark of excitement to your fitness journey.
  • Complimentary and discounted aSweatLife branded swag and apparel, so you can proudly sport your favorite club's gear throughout the entire year :)
  • Get the VIP treatment with early access and discounts to all the epic aSweatLife events – including our signature event, Sweatworking Week (The Summer event you do not want to miss)!
  • Quarterly ‘Goal For It’ programs, designed to propel you and the Ambassador community towards a wellness related goal with the help from expert coaches, speakers, and brand goodies.
  • An exclusive online playground – a vibrant community platform where you can connect, organize workout meetups, share upcoming events, and throw virtual confetti for all the big wins in your life!
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Memberships are an annual or monthly recurring commitment and will begin on the first day of purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since the end of 2016, aSweatLife has grown a community of motivated individuals that are passionate about trying new things, their wellbeing, and making friends. Every year the program evolves, but the pillars of fitness, friendship and fun remain the same.

Think of the best club you’ve ever been a part of, one that’s open to anyone with a passion for trying new things and making new friends (and comes with a *lot* of fitness and wellness perks, too).

Being an Ambassador means you’re raising your hand to be involved with a community that creates opportunities for you to make friends, focus on your personal wellbeing, and support others along the way. We’ve seen Ambassadors accomplish big and small goals; we’ve seen Ambassadors express their genuine thoughts to build up humanity; and we’ve seen how communities can rally to help one another. It’s a beautiful thing!

While the Ambassadorship is something you’ll benefit from in your daily life, there are a few major events that we mark on our calendars every single year, as well as recurring monthly events.

Workshops: Every month, we bring the Ambassadors together – in person or through a digital experience – to learn something new that will help you live your healthiest, happiest, most productive life. The topics are always diverse. In the past, we’ve met over topics and activities such as “What is your Dosha Type?” “Crafts & Cannabis”, and “Kinstretch basics to help you prep your muscles for a walk, jog or run.”

Workouts: We’ve created a few different ways you get to workout that are unique to the Ambassadorship:

Studio of the Month: Every month, we partner with a best-in-class studio to give you access to classes and trainers you might not have heard of otherwise. These are workouts that only gym and studio members have access to regularly, but as Ambassadors, you’ll have rotating access for a month at a time. This is a great way to try something new or revisit a favorite studio.

Workout Meetups: Because everything is better with friends! Through our private online platform, Ambassadors can connect to pair up or create groups to schedule workouts together.

Uplifting Network: You’ll be a part of a digital network of connections and resources of help among all Ambassadors nationwide. Here you’ll find a pool of people who are ready and excited to help you get answers to whatever questions you have – from “where can I renew my CPR credentials online” to “celebrating the completion of a triathlon” to “I just quit my job and I’m not sure what I want to do next, anyone want to get a cup of coffee?”

There’s a monthly fee of $25, or you can get two months free by paying $250 for a full year of membership.

Nah! The Ambassador program was started and has grown in Chicago, but there are Ambassadors all over the country, especially in cities like LA, Columbus, DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia), Atlanta Denver and Dallas (Plus 30 other states); they host IRL experiences as well. Whether you live in Chicago – aSweatLife’s home city – or anywhere else in the U.S., we’d love to have you join the Ambassador community!

Nope! Although it is a tool we use a lot to stay connected, you do not need to be on social media to apply to become an Ambassador.

We have a Member Directory in our online community platform. You can connect and find other Ambassadors based on location, interests, careers and more.

We implement Community Guidelines and have staff monitor the virtual and IRL spaces to maintain positive and respectful behavior. You can find our full set of Community Guidelines (PDF).

Memberships are an annual or monthly commitment and non-refundable, however, if you choose to cancel beforehand, you may, and you will continue to have access to the Ambassador benefits until the end of your membership term.