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Erica Robinson’s life and training revolve around helping creative people live their best, most creative lives. Together, we’ve sewn that fabric of creativity throughout her day.

We’ll start the morning with an art run through Hyde Park with our friends from New York, Runstreet. We’ll start and finish the run at Sir & Madame, the acclaimed fashion brand that was recently featured on the pages of Marie Claire. After our workout and outside of the store, Erica will lead a workout.

(Book your spot in this 6 am run and workout)

For lunch, Erica will team up with Jenny Finkel – yoga teacher and improv instructor – to talk about using your fitness routine to be more creative. Sound mutually exclusive? Not so – your brain, your body and your creative juices are more linked that you may know. Included with your ticket is delicious organic lunch from Eat Purely.

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That evening, we’ll head to Erica’s training home for a workout with her and Bryan Jackson at the Ultimate Healthy Living Experience – or The UHLE for short. At The UHLE, we’ll train like athletes and work up a serious sweat, using the tools of the trade in this creative, mural-covered space.

(Book your spot at 6:30 pm at the UHLE)


Excited about the schedule? Tell us all about it with the hashtag, #SweatworkingWeek.