About the studio:

The bodyweight studio is sponsored by Reebok Chicago where you’ll find our yoga, barre, bodyweight and dance classes all day long.

About this class:

Yoga with Cass is something special. Her flows are more poetry and art than anything else and when you watch her lead a class you’ll see why quickly – it’s love. She loves the practice. She loves the students. She loves the movement. Come experience her VibeFlow or just her vibe, which is always patient and loving whether she’s leading a yoga class, bathing you in sound or giving you a tarot reading you’ll never forget.

And to pump you up even more the DJ firm will be spinning all day long in the studio.

Between #SweatworkingWeek fitness festival classes be sure to enjoy snacks from partners like the official recovery beer of #SweatWorkingWeek, Michelob Ultra, Luna, Fit Foodie Kitchen and way, way more.

About #SweatworkingWeek:

#SweatworkingWeek is like restaurant week for fitness and is our favorite week of the year. We’ve hosted three total and we’re in the midst of planning our fourth – but it’s a week that fuses our passion for creating community with our event planning and logistics experience we’ve gained from hosting more than four years of monthly #Sweatworking events.

The next #SweatworkingWeek will run from January 8-13, with a fitness festival closing it out this year. The fitness festival will take place at the venue Morgan’s on Fulton and will have two concurrently running fitness studios – one with equipment and one with only bodyweight classes.

See the full schedule here: https://asweatlife.com/sweatworkingWeek/


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