Women’s Empowerment Self-Defense Seminar

October 13, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Titan Gym - Krav Maga, Martial Arts, Fitness, Yoga
2256 West Belmont Avenue
Donation Based

Our workshop will teach you a variety of practical techniques meant to empower you in protecting yourself from different types of assaults. If you have a teenaged daughter, we encourage you to sign her up with you. Learn how to protect yourself before it’s too late.

Topics covered:
– Recognizing and avoiding potential threats
– Basic principles of self-defense and taking control
– Fears, safety, and situational awareness
– Realities of physical assaults
– Attackers and their patterns
– Techniques and strategies to self-defense
– Physical drills and scenarios

Class will be challenging and fun! You’ll burn off calories while learning a life-saving skill.

Titan Gym is a Krav Maga Alliance affiliate and all Instructors are certified in Krav Maga.

Open to the general public. No membership needed.

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