Vinyasa Yoga w/ Valerie Rutka of Iron & Oar

April 23, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am
Athleta Southport
3415 North Southport Avenue Chicago
IL 60657

About Iron and Oar:

Iron and Oar is Chicago’s only dedicated indoor rowing studio. The class structures we offer are unique as they are equal parts strength and cardio. Our workouts incorporate dynamic sculpting exercises which help build lean muscle mass, while interval sprints on the concept 2 rowing machine get’s the heart rate up and burns up to 800 calories in 45 minutes. Unlike spinning and running, rowing is a total body form of cardio. You’re not just using your legs, but your using your abs, arms and shoulders all at the same time. Our workouts begin with a 5 minute warmup designed to teach new rowers the proper technique as well as prepare clients for the workout ahead. We also offer ROGA a half rowing based, half yoga class and a one hour weekly vinyasa yoga class.

About Class:

In congruence with our Celebrate Earth Day Initiative, Valerie Rutka will lead a 45 minute vinyasa yoga class. Class is open at all levels. Please bring your own mat.

About Dani Kruger

As a proud New Englander at heart, Dani loves the outdoors and anything maple-flavored. After a decade in the Midwest, she moved to Seattle where she loves the mild temperatures and mountain views. Dani's competitive nature is no secret, whether she's trying to do yoga at all of the state capitol buildings (23 so far!) or seeing how much vertical she can run each month in the mountains of the PNW. By day, she nerds out behind the computer as a data analyst for a health care consulting firm, where she works to ensure all individuals have timely access to high quality health care services.

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