VIBEUP Yoga: Asana Flow and Pranayama

March 12, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Navy Pier, Terrace A West (2nd Floor)

Asana Flow + Pranayama

James draws upon the variety of modalities he has studied over the past 20 years of practicing yoga. His teachers have instilled in him the sacredness of the practice. He has been taught to uphold the traditional philosophical and spiritual roots of yoga through the conditioning of mind and body. He believes the use of physical postures, breathing and concentration practices in addition to cleansing techniques, help us to cultivate the balanced state we need to pursue our spiritual endeavors. He emphasizes mindfulness and exploration in a light-hearted way throughout class. His classes incorporate breath-enhanced movement to elicit the stabilization and cultivation of our vital life force, prana. Static and more complex postures are presented to encourage strength and endurance of body and mind. Variations and modifications are offered to assist everyone in finding an appropriate boundary with which they can work with safely and effectively. Time for breathing techniques and stillness is integrated to enhance and observe the effect so the more gross practices. This can lead to a more complete and fulfilling experience for the student.

This event is part of Resolution Revolution, a series of free yoga and group fitness classes at Navy Pier. See the full schedule at

Instructor: James Tennant, Tejas Yoga

James was exposed to yoga in 1996 through his first spiritual mentor Jeri Lucas, who continues to inspire him today. With a growing love for the practice, James participated in the 2001 Ana Forest teacher training. In 2003 he traveled to Kiev, Ukraine for a four-month intensive training in Universal Freestyle Yoga with Andrey Lappa. After a couple years of teaching and studying in Chicago, he took an 8-month sabbatical to study with the beloved Dharma Mittra in New York, NY. His interest in Ayurveda then took him to Albuquerque, NM. There he studied Ayurvedic Medicine at the Ayurvedic Institute with the renowned Dr. Vasant Lad, M.A. Sc. James is also an ordained reverend through Ron Brown Grayson, PhD in Universal Studies, co-founder of Source Legacy.

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As a proud New Englander at heart, Dani loves the outdoors and anything maple-flavored. After a decade in the Midwest, she moved to Seattle where she loves the mild temperatures and mountain views. Dani's competitive nature is no secret, whether she's trying to do yoga at all of the state capitol buildings (23 so far!) or seeing how much vertical she can run each month in the mountains of the PNW. By day, she nerds out behind the computer as a data analyst for a health care consulting firm, where she works to ensure all individuals have timely access to high quality health care services.

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