#SweatworkingWeek Hydrated by Propel: Lunch and Learn – Boss Lady Power Hour

June 9, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
645 N. Michigan
#424, Chicago
#SweatworkingWeek Hydrated by Propel: Lunch and Learn – Boss Lady Power Hour @ Breather

There’s something in the air in Chicago. We know that June means a whole lot of love in this lakefront-path-running city of ours, but it also means one more thing: #SweatworkingWeek. We’re excited to announce our third edition of #SweatworkingWeek with an incredible schedule curated by some of our friends at some of our favorite places coming at you June 5-10.

What’s #SweatworkingWeek? It’s a restaurant week for fitness put on by asweatlife.com that seeks to get Chicago moving twice a year. We put all of our blood, sweat, tears and imagination into creating a schedule that excites you to amp up your wellness routine in and out of the gym.

Friday is curated by Maggie and Jeana of aSweatLife (because we wanted a day too). We spend a lot of time chasing the elusive balance, so our day is built around the idea of chasing your dreams and balance at the same time.

At lunch, we’ll talk to some boss ladies who inspire us. Jill Carey, co-founder of Mission Propelle, the company built around empowering school-aged girls through yoga and storytelling will talk about what drove her to create the mission-driven business. Lauren Katzberg, co-founder and CEO of Stylisted, the tech-driven beauty company that connects stylists to women for at-home beauty services in cities across the country. Included with your ticket is delicious organic lunch from Eat Purely.

Need a Lyft? We worked with Lyft to make it easy to eliminate the last excuse to try or get to class.

  • New Lyft users can download the Lyft app and enter the code “Sweatworking” to get a $20 ride credit.
  • Existing Lyft users can use the promo code “LyftForSweat” for 15% off ride

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As a proud New Englander at heart, Dani loves the outdoors and anything maple-flavored. After a decade in the Midwest, she moved to Seattle where she loves the mild temperatures and mountain views. Dani's competitive nature is no secret, whether she's trying to do yoga at all of the state capitol buildings (23 so far!) or seeing how much vertical she can run each month in the mountains of the PNW. By day, she nerds out behind the computer as a data analyst for a health care consulting firm, where she works to ensure all individuals have timely access to high quality health care services.

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