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About Christiana Basso

Historically participating solely in Chicago lakefront activities: running, beach volleyball and yoga, Christiana realized (following a couple of fitness set-backs including one broken tailbone) that she needed to start taking her health more seriously. After making some initial excuses about not seeing crazy fad diet results (read: from quick success comes landslide fails) it was time to move on. Where was her physical strength? Then this happened...Christiana met Jeana one fine day at work; they became full-time friend-leagues. Initially, Christiana did not know that Jeana was a fitness guru but alas, she learns quickly. Though a bit of a late-bloomer in what she calls her path to grown-up fitness, Jeana’s ushered Christiana into a nomadic fitness journey that suits her just fine. After all Christiana was born to move…i.e. she cannot refrain from dancing. She also cannot refrain from new experiences, new workouts, new friends and capturing it all - by snapping photos. Of course when Jeana told Christiana about #SweatWorking she vied for the job of event photographer. It’s her behind the lens - so mug away!