At aSweatLife, we like to say that #EverythingIsBetterWithFriends – and if you’ve found yourself on this page, you probably believe that too.

As we charge ahead towards our next big goals (and start setting our gaze on 2022), we’re filling one open role, which you can read all about and apply to below.

Director of Partnerships

TLDR: aSweatLife is seeking a sales professional who is a self-starter, with a passion for people and wellness who is comfortable setting and achieving big goals. The ideal candidate is excited to work in a start-up environment, is happy to work remotely, and they thrive under pressure. They’re also comfortable with a mix of autonomous work and team work. 

What’s aSweatLife? Great question. aSweatLife is a media company that creates content and community based on the belief that wellness can be the catalyst to live a better life and achieve your goals.

But, what does aSweatLife stand for? aSweatLife stands for creating a more well-rounded future of wellness for women of all races, shapes and sizes with the power of a community behind them and trusted content to guide them. We are authentic about who we are, intentional about what we create and who we work with.

What is the job, exactly? It’s sales, it’s partnerships, it’s friendship. We look to the Director of Partnerships to carry out and help to plan a strategic vision to bring brands we love to the pages of aSweatLife. Here’s what you can expect on a day-to-day, week-to-week, quarter-to-quarter basis.

  • Make friends: We’re big believers in the aSweatLife-ism that everything is better with friends. A big part of this role is to identify and research potential clients – you’ll zoom, you’ll chat, you’ll get to know potential partners who could turn out to be paid relationships today or in the future. 
  • Nurture relationships: We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built over our time since launching in 2012. You’ll check in on partners we have long-standing relationships with and build your own rapport with new partners as well. You’ll also be tasked with keeping tabs on brands we love, but who weren’t ready to commit the first time you chatted (we get it – commitment can be scary).  
  • Play on a team: We’re a tight-knit team that communicates openly about what’s going right, what’s going wrong, and when we need space for whatever is unfolding in our personal lives. Because we’re a small team, you may have to put on a different hat to help out a team member. You’ll also have the privilege of working with some of the best people we’ve ever known (we’re biased) – from our full-time team to writers and ambassadors – so it’s pretty easy to chip in when everyone is so wonderful.
  • Set big goals: We plan on an annual basis and we check in on the plan quarterly. You’ll be involved in the planning process that directly impacts the trajectory of the business. You’ll have a say in what you’re working on and the big goals you’re going after. 
  • Keep the team on track: You keep projects moving forward. You’re organized, you create systems and processes – but when you see a way to make things better, you speak up and propose a solution. 
  • Speak aSweatLife: If you’re just meeting us, hi! If you’re familiar with aSweatLife, you already know that our version of wellness is a little bit different. We don’t think it should cost 15% of your salary to be well. We don’t subscribe to or talk about diets. We’re here to create happier, healthier, humans who know what they want and go after it – whether that thing that they want is a book in a bathtub or a promotion. After a ramp-up period, you’ll be fluent in aSweatLife and can independently pitch us and our value to partners and potential partners. 
  • You’re a “Yes, and…” kind of person: We believe in the power of a “yes, and” and if we had to tell you why, it’s because we identify deeply with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (and their long standing friendship). Because they met doing improv and improv is about listening as much as you talk. You’re here to build up the team – you accept others’ ideas and build on top of them. 
  • Track your progress (and our partners’ progress) to goal: We love a big goal, if you can’t tell by now. We look to our team to track their progress-to-goal and be able to see the success or failure as a constant opportunity to learn and grow.

Sound like something you’d like to do? Here are the skills we’re looking for. Remember, if you have most of these things, but not all of them, we probably still want to meet you. 

  • Experience building a brand within healthy living sphere, 
  • You have contacts that you think would be a great fit for aSweatLife
  • You’re excellent at sales and are excelling at it in your current role
  • You’ve proven yourself in your ability build a business-to-business (B2B) sales pipeline
  • Impeccable verbal and written communication skills
  • You’ve never met a project you can’t manage. You have familiarity with project management methodologies and software

What about compensation? We pay a mix of base and commission for this role. At aSweatLife, we’re transparent about salaries – so we’ll tell you up front that the base salary for this role is $60,000 and you’ll make 10% commission (uncapped) on deals that you close. We also offer equity opportunities.

Apply for the position here.