aSweatLife Ambassadors Materials

Here’s what you can expect next 

While the program officially kicks off in January, we’ll be working to get you together earlier than that. Expect to hear from Maggie and me on a date, but hold 12/17 for now.

From there, we’ll be creating monthly workshops built to help you build a community while expanding your other horizons too. Get comfortable being a little bit uncomfortable.

You’ll also have discounted access to #Sweatworking events and early access moving forward

We’ll tell you when we launch events so that you have a fighting shot at tickets – like when we announce #SweatworkingWeek, you’ll have a full 6-hour jump on everyone else.

Starting now, just use code “Ambassadors” on all #Sweatworking events to get 25% off.

Get social with the private Facebook group!

To find out about what’s happening, source a workout buddy or just ask questions, be sure to join the Facebook group.

The existing group of ambassadors is so excited to meet you. They’re waiting eagerly for you on the private #TeamaSweatLife Ambassadors Facebook group.

Add Maggie and Jeana on Facebook so we can add you to the Facebook group:

Tell the world you’re an ambassador and start using the hashtags:

Shout it loud and proud starting today! We use a couple of hashtags when we post to social and we love to see you tag @aSweatLife and use the hastags to sweat with your community, each other and new folks on the road. If you’re ready to shout it from a mountain, you can use the attached images or anything that represents how you’re feeling at the start of this program.


When you’re proud to be repping the team, when you’re working out in a group of ambassadors, writers and friends from #Sweatworking – tag it!


If you’re living your best life with fitness as a catalyst at home, at work or on the road – you’re #LivingaSweatLife. If you travel for work, but fit in a spin class, you’re #livingaSweatLife. If you make the most amazing dinner and make extra for healthy lunch, you’re #LivingaSweatLife.


This is our core belief at aSweatLife. It guides everything we do. This is why we have a team, why we chose you amazing ambassadors and why host #Sweatworking each month. We believe that three things lead to you feeling happy every day – doing something to make you feel strong, doing something to make you feel smart and – the greatest of all – doing something to make you feel connected. When you’re doing something that combines all three? #EverythingisbetterwithFriends

Agree to the $10/month dues: 

Every month, we put together workshops and create content to bring you together as a community. Your dues the speakers and more, but trust us, you’ll get way more value than $10/month out of this.