Four Restorative Rituals to Add to Your Routine

Just like your home needs a good saging every once in awhile, sometimes you just need to take some time for yourself to rest, reset and recharge. Personally, when I need to take a pause and load on the TLC, I like to take a long lakefront walk, attend a sweaty hot yoga session, soak in hot epsom salt bath or just carve out some quality for me.

restorative rituals

When it comes to restorative rituals, we each have our own personal favorites, but here are some of the most popular restorative rituals among health and wellness professionals.

#1 Physical activity

Whether it’s an at-home workout, a power yoga session or a HIIT class at your favorite local studio, physical activity is a popular restorative ritual. For instance, Brittany Chibe, Founder & CEO of Within Without resets herself by running.

She says, “I’ve been a runner since I was 14 years old and still to this day, it’s the one movement that helps me forget all the stresses of work and allows me to be alone with my thoughts. It’s truly my ‘me time’ and I love every minute of it. I feel like I sweat out all of the bad stuff, everything that I’m holding on to, and by the end of the run I feel so refreshed with new energy to tackle what’s ahead.”

Physical activity can be a great way to restore yourself, so whatever movement makes you feel good – do it!

#2 Self-care

One of the most delicious ways to restore yourself is by indulging in some solid self-care like: meditating, making an appointment for a facial, massage or pedicure or taking a bubble bath.

Jessica Dennis, personal trainer and SWEAT instructor says, “My favorite restorative ritual would have to be essential oils. I love to put lavender oil in my diffuser before bed. It’s a great scent for relaxation and stress relief.”

Whether it’s purchasing an essential oil set for your at home diffuser or going once a month for a manicure, investing in self-care is an investment in you and your restoration.

#3 Spending time with family and friends

Another restorative ritual that is a favorite among many is spending time with family and friends. Whether it’s a big family dinner, cooking out with friends or a date night with your S.O., there’s nothing better than sharing a meal with loved ones.

Dining together is a great opportunity to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company without the worries of the day, but it’s not just reconnecting over food. Just spending some quality time together with the ones you love can be a total mood booster.

Jessica Mandac, Doctor of Physical Therapy and certified NASM personal trainer talks about her most favorite restorative ritual of them all. “Hanging out with my nephew! He is truly the one individual I can never be angry at and who will always make me smile. I will rearrange plans to make sure I see him as often as I can. No matter what mood I’m in before I see him, I’m most definitely in a better mood after!” 

#4 Soaking up the sun

When it comes to restorative rituals, especially during the summertime, I am all about soaking in that summertime sunshine so I can get a good dose of Vitamin D (and let’s be real, a summertime tan, but that’s not until I have lathered up on natural sunscreen). I’m not the only one who enjoys catching some rays in order to rest and restore.

Chibe says, “Maybe it’s because I grew up sunbathing with my mom, or maybe because my ideal vacation is laying on the beach with a book in hand, but there’s just something so perfect about sitting in the sun reading a page turner.” 

As Mandac points out, “In Chicago, we only get a solid 2-3 months of summertime sunshine, so any chance I can get, I am getting as much Vitamin D as possible.” Whether it’s a few moments sitting on a park bench or a full day spent on the rooftop or at the beach, soaking up the sun is a great restorative ritual to stop and unplug.

Bonus: Five more ideas for restorative rituals

Some other restorative rituals include…

  • Attending church (or a spiritual activity of your choice)
  • Enforcing no screen time before bed
  • Foam rolling
  • Listening to a podcast or your favorite music
  • Reading a good book

No matter how you decide to rest and restore, remember to take some time for yourself because we all need a good reset every once in a while. Now excuse me while I go and catch some sun rays…

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