April 26-29, Join aSweatLife at the Standard Spa Miami Beach for a Fit-Cation
  • January 26, 2018
  • fit-cation

    Want to come back from your spring vacation feeling better than when you left? Join us for our Fit-Cation at The Standard Spa Miami Beach where you’ll enjoy an itinerary packed with wellness elements and you’ll get your fill of what’s hot in Miami.

    Start each day with a workout that’s special to this city on the beach, then enjoy cold pressed juice and healthy breakfast items, included in your stay.

    We’ll be taking on many different, signature workouts to Miami every day (more on that below). But don’t expect this trip to be all about workouts – you’ll have options to explore the city on excursions each afternoon or you can relax and enjoy The Standard’s legendary pool, hammam or spa. Each evening, you’ll have the option to dress up and enjoy cocktail hour.

    Pack your favorite swimsuits, all of your spandex and prepare for the ultimate fit-cation.

    When are we going? Arrive by the afternoon of Thursday, April 26 and plan to stay until the afternoon of Sunday, April 29.

    Which workouts will we do while we’re there? We’re not going to sugar coat this – there are some two-a-days, but you know it and we know it: this is what you came for.

    • We’ll explore the gorgeous amenities and spa at The Standard. Guests will have access to the indoor and outdoor facilities – Turkish Hamam, Steam Room, Cedar Sauna, Arctic Plunge, Salt Water Pool, Roman Waterfall Hot Tub, and the Gym.
    • Vixen: Know it or not, you’re about to become a Vixen. This format was created to help you feel empowered and alive while moving as the beat drops and you do things with your hips you never thought possible.
    • The Box: Prepare to wrap up your hands and hit heavy bags under the low, sexy lights of this studio. We’re taking on a class The Box lovingly calls “booty box,” so expect to light up the heavy bag with fast-paced punching combos and torch your lower body with all of the squats.
    • Spartan Gym at 1Hotel: This is the only gym dedicated to Spartan training in the world and it is certainly in a special place – the 1Hotel South Beach. Everything you do in this class will be built to make you a better Spartan. Don’t rule out scaling walls, climbing rope ladders and picking up heavy things.
    • Dance Body: Mental, emotional, physical – Dance Body guarantees that you’ll work it all. The workout combines dance-inspired cardio and toning set to motivating music. What’s motivating music? The founder/CEO’s bio includes the following music description, “the dirtiest, fastest, Detroit, hip hop. Moms are gangster, working women are gangster, single chicks are gangster, women are gangster.” Yes, please.
    • Beat the Gym: This concept makes the city of Miami your gym. Expect to work out al fresco surrounded by new friends who are all sweating together. Although this class is included in the Fit-Cation, Beat the Gym classes are always affordable – allowing participants to choose between paying $5, $8 and $10 – $5 covers costs and the others help BTG grow and pay its trainers.

    What’s the itinerary: 

    April 26: You’ll travel to Miami for the start of the fit-cation and check into the Standard

    • 7 pm: We’ll take on our first workout at The Standard, get to know the others on the trip and kick off our first evening together!

    April 27: This is our first day of two-a-days. It sounds scary, but you’re up for the challenge.

    • 8-9 am: cold-pressed juice will be delivered to your room and we’ll have breakfast and coffee together daily in The Standard Spa Lido Lounge.
    • 10 am: We’ll take on the Vixen workout at Wynwood
    • 11 am-12:30 pm: We’ll explore Wynwood – checking out street art, food trucks and shops
    • 1-3:00 pm: Use this free time to lounge at The Standard’s pool, get spa services or take a nap
    • 4 pm: We’re taking on Booty Box at The Box, a class focused on lower body movements and boxing drills
    • 7 pm: Options for happy hours and dinners are forthcoming!

    April 28: Our second day of two-a-days, you’ll be ready to sweat your face off with

    • 8-9 am: cold-pressed juice will be delivered to your room and we’ll have breakfast and coffee together daily in The Standard Spa Lido Lounge.
    • 10 am: we’ll take on Spartan Gym at 1Hotel, a fast-paced class that gives you the skills to overcome the Spartan Race’s obstacles
    • 11 am- 2pm: You’ll be welcome to relax at 1Hotel, use the pool or other amenities
    • 3 pm: A Dance Body class will leave us laughing, sweating and ready for a night of Miami fun
    • 7 pm: Options for happy hours and dinners are forthcoming!

    April 29: Our final day in Miami

    • 8-9 am: cold-pressed juice will be delivered to your room and we’ll have breakfast and coffee together daily in The Standard Spa Lido Lounge.
    • 10 am: We’ll work out with Beat the Gym at a spot the team says is one of their favorite venues
    • 12pm and onward: Guests will start to depart Miami

    How much? 

    Please note that flights aren’t included in your stay.

    Stay alone: for three nights starting at $1,329

    Stay with a friend: Share a room with a friend for three nights for the following rates.

    • Standard Medium $874 (Queen bed) per guest
    • Standard Large (king bed) or Garden Medium (private outdoor area/ queen bed) $932 per guest
    • Garden Large (private outdoor area, king bed)/ Bath Medium ( private outdoor area with bath, queen bed) $1,043 per guest

    By when? Must be booked before March 26, 2018.

    How do I register? Contact 305-673-1717 or [email protected].


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