From Weak to Warrior – What’s Next: Finding Balance in My New Normal

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asweatlife_From-Weak-To-Warrior---What's-Next--Finding-Balance-in-my-New-Normal_2(Photo by Mananya on Instagram)

I get asked a lot of questions about my life changes. People want to know what life was, is and will be like for me, especially now that I’m back from six months in Thailand. This is typically how it goes:

“You’re back??” Yes, I’m back!

“How long are you staying?” Here for the foreseeable future.

“Was it hard to leave? To start over?!” Yes, hard to leave, but worth it.

“What if I can’t just move away like that?” You don’t have to move! Changes in life can be big or small!

“Are you working?“ Yes … I am working … (Not sure why it matters but …)

“What are you doing now?” I’m living day-by-day.

“What gym do you go to?” Phenomenal Fitness!

So, “What’s next in Mananya’s journey?” Well …

I’ve been back for two months and still adjusting to my new normal. The balancing act is hard especially since life is constantly changing. Life is a journey with many routes and turns. Once you realize that, it’s pretty awesome. For me, adjusting to my new normal has been one of the most rewarding experiences. I’ve let go of control and “visions” I had set for myself. Everyday is different. I get to wake up and live according to MY beliefs. I don’t have do, be, make, or act any way society or anyone else dictates.

If you recall, I was 33 years old, cruising through life without knowing my values and I didn’t know what was important to me. My husband Stan and my close friends? Yes, of course. But, family? Uhh, I don’t know. Health? Hmm, maybe. Fitness? Definitely not.

It took many months, mental exercises, laughs, frustrations and tears. But, after four months, I uncovered values that currently serve as the foundation of everything I do in life.  


(An actual page from my journal that my life coach Judah Kurtz had me write in everyday.)

If you’ve known me throughout my adult years, I bet you would have thought work, money, prestige, and success would be top of the list. Well, SURPRISE!

Based on some of my top values – health, freedom, integrity and mentorship – I’m where I want to be right now. I am in the middle of figuring out a balanced life that reflects what’s important to me. Each day, everything I do and say, I look back on how it aligns with my values.

Soon, I will be embarking on something new – the next chapter of my journey will test the foundation I’ve built. Will I have time for the gym everyday? YES. Will I get to live a balanced life? YES. Will I continue to eat healthy? YES. But, how do I know?

Because balance is not something you find. It’s something you create.

It comes with making sacrifices and compromises. This is my new normal – being mindful of my needs, steering clear of the toxic habits and nourishing more of what is good for me. How is your current normal and what do you want your new normal to look like? Start asking yourself.

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