Using Facebook to Keep Your Resolutions

When I started my career in Chicago, I angled my way into a job doing social media for large brands in my very early 20s. Today, there would be a large team and seven layers between an entry level person and the strategy driving those clever posts, but I was young and I “got it.” As the industry evolved, I worked to evolve with it.

So it’s only natural that social media seems to me like the perfect place to state and stay accountable for your goals.

People across the world are using social media to do just that, whether that means checking in with a hashtag on Instagram or shouting your progress from a virtual mountain in a photo of you flexing in a mirror.

Every year, right around this time, millions of people decide to start fresh with new goals in a new year. As I rang in 2016 around a table of friends, everyone had resolutions. Those resolutions ranged from getting more sleep to putting in more effort at work to learning a language to being nicer to other people to getting rid of excess stuff at home to being a better vegan.

I like resolutions because I think setting goals and revisiting those goals is always a great use of time. But when it comes to resolutions, sometimes a BIG goal with no plan behind it can seem too large to conquer and goals that feel impossible are going to be left behind.

So choose your goals wisely, make them SMART and you’re sure to get a lot further. To build some support along the way, use these Facebook features.

Form a support group: New Years Resolutions are much easier to keep when you have a group of people joining in on the goal. Facebook Groups are a great way to encourage a group of people to keep it up!

Share files and post interesting articles and photos in the group about your goals and progress to keep people encouraged. Solicit advice and share progress updates with your group members.

Find an existing group to join (e.g. Health and Fitness, FitBit for Weight Loss, No Excuse Runners, Stop Smoking Support Group, Money Saving Hints Group) or start your own with friends and family

Use sale groups to get rid of some of your clutter: There are millions of people around the world who use Facebook Groups to discover, buy, and sell items, with many people turning hobbies into livelihoods. Some of the most popular categories of items sold in sale groups include clothes, cars and auto parts, books, crafts and sports equipment.

Create a Life Event: Keep yourself accountable to a new habit or simply share your goals with friends by creating a Life Event. Life Events aren’t just for engagements and new jobs — they’re the best way to share memorable life experiences because they have a different visual appearance and generally get more interaction (and encouragement!) from friends than status updates. Are you learning a new language this year? Doing more volunteer work? Saving toward a new car? Starting a training regimen? Go to your profile and tap on the “Life Event” button to let friends know what goals you’ll be crushing in 2016.


I created a life event announcing my 2016 goal: weekly meal prep.


Motivational status updates: Share your success with friends and get advice to keep your resolutions going by adding an icon to your next post that represents how you’re feeling or what you’re doing to. Going out for a run? Feeling motivated? Looking for help?


Connect with friends when using fitness apps: Need some motivation to stay on track with your fitness goals this year? Try downloading a new app, like Nike+ Running, RunKeeper or MyFitnessPal. You can use Facebook Login to quickly and easily sign into these apps with as few as two taps — no need to spend time creating a whole new username and password, so you can lace up and get to your workout faster. Plus, with some apps, you can connect with your Facebook friends within the app to share goals, commiserate, congratulate and cheer each other on. Or you can choose to share a story on your Timeline for some well-deserved Likes once you finally crush that 10-mile run.

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