Four Tips to Keep You Healthy During the Holiday Season

Photo courtesy of On Your Mark Coaching and Training – Owner Emily Hutchins, center

Across the city, with all of the conflicts that are staring them in the face this holiday season, fitness enthusiasts are making a big choice: do they phone it in or do they find a way to make their healthy lifestyles work?

Owner of On Your Mark Coaching and Training and Nike Master Trainer, Emily Hutchins warns you not to panic at the thought of your full calendar, forgetting entirely to stay healthy during the holiday season.

Instead, she offered tips to stay proactive and on-track through the end of the year.

1. Decide on a trade-off for not-so-perfect behavior

You can’t be perfect all the time. It’s not plausible and it’s not fun. So Hutchins offers a solution that will help you to literally counter-act that cocktail.

“The holidays can be tough when it comes to overindulging in the gorge-fest from work holiday parties to family parties and everything office craving in between,” she said. “For every temptation you have, support it with something healthy, whether that’s 10 pushups in the office or an additional glass of water during the day. Or just kick the urge with something colorful like carrots and hummus!” 

2. Take on the colder months and take your workouts outside

Just because the temperature drops, doesn’t mean that you have to barricade yourself indoors until spring.

Emily recommends that you “embrace the elements of winter. Dress appropriately and go for a run or hike,” she said. “Cold weather doesn’t only make you tougher, but boosts your immune system!”

3. Set goals and resolutions NOW

Instead of letting your healthy lifestyle slip, recognize that the season is hard and start refreshing your goals now.

Hutchins recommends that you “stay as active as possible during the holiday rush … make a resolution now to not have to make one in January.”

She reminds you that staying active “will also help you avoid cravings at all those endless work parties, it’s a win-win!” 

4. Need an extra push? Find a group or a challenge to keep you accountable.

“During the busy season I keep clients engaged by doing a 35-class challenge between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. The goal is big, but the camaraderie is high and it allows clients to plan workouts in advance, which keeps them motivated to make it happen,” she explained. “It keeps clients engaged even when they travel and those clients participate too through the N+TC app, which allows them to stay active on the road.”


How do you stay on-track during the holiday season?

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