HIIT Flow No Equipment Workout

Your body needs balance in a lot of ways. It needs balance in the way your build and stretch your muscles. It needs balance in the kinds of foods you eat for fuel. It needs balance in your workouts and it just needs balance stay up on two feet and walking.

I love yoga and I think the practice can give so much balance to your body by lengthening, strengthening and stretching, so on occasion, I’ll borrow a few poses from yoga and bring them into a workout (shoes optional).

This workout will give you a dose of HIIT followed by some more balance-focused exercises. If you’re craving some more upper body work, grab a set of weights and add a biceps curl to your curtsy lunges.

Once you’re warmed up and ready to go, this workout will take you all of 22 minutes. If you’re feeling extra motivated, do it twice.

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Need a playlist? We’ve got you covered:

Lunge jumps: Either do alternating reverse lunges or jump to alternate. Fiance captured me in the air. Win.

HIIT Flow No Equipment Workout_27

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Mountain climbers: We didn’t catch the top of the motion, but you want to make sure to drive your knees towards your chest.

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Squat jumps: start in a squat position and jump at the top of the movement. Not there yet with your squats? Just squat without jumping.

HIIT Flow No Equipment Workout_20 HIIT Flow No Equipment Workout_19


HIIT Flow No Equipment Workout_21

High knees: Drive your knees up to your chest. Pardon my appearance, I just got done doing my own workout. Sweaty hair, don’t care.

HIIT Flow No Equipment Workout_18 HIIT Flow No Equipment Workout_17

Sumo squat with a lateral lift: Start in a wide squat and lift your straight leg to the side at the top to the movement. Alternate legs each rep.HIIT Flow No Equipment Workout_15 HIIT Flow No Equipment Workout_13 HIIT Flow No Equipment Workout_12 HIIT Flow No Equipment Workout_9

Curtsy lunge to warrior 3: start in a curtsy lunge – so your back leg will cross behind your front leg, like you’re doing a curtsy. At the top of that motion, transition into a warrior 3 slowly and with control and then back into a curtsy lunge. Fiance grabbed this from a couple of angles.

HIIT Flow No Equipment Workout_5

HIIT Flow No Equipment Workout_6

HIIT Flow No Equipment Workout_8

HIIT Flow No Equipment Workout_4

Chair pose squats: Feet stay together and squat into a chair pose and up again. This is different from a traditional squat in that your upper body will lean forward about 45 degrees so your arms and back are in one straight line.

HIIT Flow No Equipment Workout_3 HIIT Flow No Equipment Workout_2

HIIT Flow No Equipment Workout_3

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