In-home restorative yoga with Paul Hnatiw

Studio: Teacher Paul Hnatiw will come to you, just email him to set it up at [email protected].

Class Focus: Restorative yoga focuses on stretching muscles and leaving practitioners deeply relaxed.

Cost per class: Paul’s rates only depend on time, not the amount of people.

  • $90 for 60 minutes
  • $120 for 90 minutes

The Fab Fit Take:

It doesn’t matter what Facebook says my relationship status is, I’m married to my iPhone. Like any good couple, my iPhone and I need a night apart from time to time. When Friday rolls around, it doesn’t matter how great that filter makes your Instagram look or how retweetable your 140 characters are – I need a couple of hours away from the system of tubes that dominates my day-to-day life. I know – gasp.

If you’re anything like me, by the time the end of the week rolls around, you’ve maxed out your mind at work and your body at the gym. But when is the last time you did anything to really recharge?

A team of my former colleagues felt that same end-of-week drain and instead of vegging out in front of Netflix, they pooled their resources to bring yoga instructor Paul Hnatiw to our rescue. (As an aside, there is nothing wrong with Netflix – thank you House of Cards for existing and Kevin Spacey for playing a sociopath so well.)

Paul brought his soothing voice and restorative Purna yoga practice to an intimate group of five people in the privacy of a friend’s basement. And at $120 for the 90 minutes, we were able to spread the cost between us, which made it a totally affordable rate that was worth it for the convenience and the comfort.

The practice was focused on holding a variety of poses meant to open up the hips, pelvis and every other muscle you’re doing a disservice by sitting at a desk. We spent no less than a half hour on a hip series that Paul swears by – both for himself and for his clients experiencing hip and back pain. When you think about holding a few poses for 30 minutes, it sounds like boring boring lunacy, but it was exquisite.

The hip opening series goes a little bit like this:


After a nice, long, comfortable blanket-covered shavasana, we sauntered into the kitchen and sealed the healthy night with a round of salads.

Aldi salads

If a night in with restorative yoga sounds exactly like something you and your friends need, email Paul for details at [email protected]. If your friends take a little convincing and you don’t have time for that (NOBODY has time for that), you can also find Paul at Tejas Yoga in the south loop. Namaste.

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