Rock Your Core at Barefeet Power Yoga

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Gym: Barefeet Power Yoga, 1006 W. Monroe Street

Class Focus: Vinyasa flow with an emphasis on core strength and stretching in a fast-paced class.

Cost per workout: $15

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The Fab Fit take:

When I walked into Barefeet Power Yoga, I was greeted by a total ray of sunshine, the Rock your Core instructor, Erin. She had positive and fun attitude that flowed through the core-intense yoga practice.

“But every yoga class is supposed to focus on the core,” you may say.  In the heated studio, set to 90 degrees, we used Vinyasa flow yoga to move between crunches, planks and other gut busters so yes, but this format gives a little extra oomph to the mid-section. Don’t worry, if you’re obsessed with yoga because it gives you a way to loosen up your hips and shake out the kinks, you won’t be disappointed. We still spent some time in pigeon.

The class took my core to its limits with core busters like eagle arm crunches, low boat to high boat and countless other core variations all packed between sun salutations.

The practice was playful and light-hearted, which was an absolutely solid way to head into a Saturday night. Even the bathroom wall was positive – yogis use a chalkboard wall to jot down their intentions and you’ll see the themes include “joy,” “Smile” and “stay positive.” Rays of sunshine everywhere.

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If you’re hesitant to try “hot yoga,” the temperature is just enough to loosen up your muscles to do things you’ll brag to your friends about. I know you’re not supposed to brag about yoga poses – that’s probably as anti-yoga as it gets, but a forearm handstand or a side-crow deserve at least a tweet.

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Set your intentions to “positive” grab a mat and rock your core!

Date taken: 11/9, 3 pm

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