A Three-Part Treadmill Interval Workout
  • December 17, 2016
  • Whether you like to run as your only workout of the day or like mixing bodyweight and weight sets in between treadmill intervals, this three-part treadmill workout leaves space for either. You can go through all three sets back to back or hop off the treadmill in between and incorporate your favorite bodyweight sets. Need inspiration? You can select from our any of these bodyweight workouts.

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    If you choose to stay on the treadmill for all 30 minutes, take a two-minute recovery in between each set. Recover at a speed about half of your running speed.

    Here’s your treadmill workout:

    Set 1: 10 minutes

    5 rounds of:

    • Jog speed :60
    • Run speed :30 (between 1.0 – 2.0 above your jog)
    • Sprint speed :30 (an additional 1.0 – 2.0 above your run)

    After your first two-minute round, return to your jog for :60 and decide if you can increase your run speed by .1-.5 for the next round. Continue testing yourself each round.

    Set 2: 10 minutes

    Run for :60 at each of these intervals:

    • 2% incline, run speed (same run speed as ending Set 1) for :60
    • 3% incline, decrease speed by .2 for :60
    • 4% incline, decrease speed by .2 for :60
    • 5% incine, decrease speed by .2 for :60

    Now with your incline set at 5%, run for :30 at each of these intervals:

    • 5% incline, increase speed by .2 for :30
    • 5% incline, increase speed by .2 for :30
    • 5% incline, increase speed by .2 for :30
    • 5% incline, increase speed by .2 (back to first run speed) for :30

    Finally, increase your speed and decrease your incline for :60 each of these intervals:

    • 4% incline, increase speed .1-.5 for :60
    • 3% incline, increase speed by another .1-.5 for :60
    • 2% incline, increase speed by another .1-.5 for :60
    • 1% incline, increase speed to another .1-.5 for :60

    Set 3: 4 minutes

    This last set is Tabata intervals, meaning eight total rounds of :20 running, :10 resting (hopping off the side of your treadmill).

    • Set your incline to 10-15% as you’re walking on your treadmill.
    • For :20, run at the fastest pace you can maintain control of.
    • Hop off your belt to the sides of the treadmill for :10.

    After eight full rounds, you’re done!


    (Disclaimer: This workout is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor is it a replacement for seeking medical treatment or professional nutrition advice. Do not start any nutrition or physical activity program without first consulting your physician.)

    About Maggie Umberger

    Maggie moved to Chicago in 2014 from North Carolina, a proud Tar Heel at heart. She began her career in advertising but was equally passionate about her fitness endeavors, and ended up spending as much time instructing yoga and other types of fitness as much as in her advertising job. Now she works full-time with aSweatLife to continue to grow our community of amazing fellow fitness junkies in Chicago. And when she’s not running around with Jeana making #Sweatworking happen or instructing corporate and private yoga classes, you can find her leading bootcamp classes at ENRGi Fitness and vinyasa classes at Bare Feet Power Yoga and Yoga Six.